Limited Production – Special Attention

Wildflower Meadows is not a “factory farm” that produces queens on a mass scale with all eyes focused on maximizing production and the bottom line.  Instead, we take pride in raising queens in small batches and grading each and every queen individually.  We treat our queens and our bees with respect, keeping our focus on quality and care.

The heart of any queen rearing operation are the cell building colonies that raise queen cells.  Cell building colonies provide the attention and feeding to each and every queen cell.  Each cell building colony must not only be well-fed, healthy, and disease-free, but it also must be well stocked with attentive nurse bees.  It goes without saying that the greater number of queen cells that are introduced into each cell building colony, the lesser amount of care can be provided to each individual queen cell.  Too many queen cells divide the attention of nurse bees and can result in small and undernourished queens.  

That is why Wildflower Meadows produces queen cells in small batches.  Wildflower Meadows’ queen cell batches are about two-thirds the size of the industry norm.  This results in superior care to each queen cell.  From larvae to pupae to virgin queens, Wildflower Meadows’ cell building colonies are set up to provide the maximum nutrition and support to each and every developing new queen bee.