VSH-Italian Queens

VSH-Italian Queen Bees

Wildflower Meadows produces VSH-Italian queen bees for sale that are gentle, easy to work with and build up abundantly for pollination and honey making.


Wildflower Meadows begins taking orders for queens in mid-to-late January for late-March through summer delivery.  Wildflower Meadows invites you to stay in touch, so that we can notify you of the availability of 2021 VSH-Italian queens.


Wildflower Meadows would like to thank all of you – our new customers, as well as our many repeat customers – who continue to show overwhelming confidence in the quality and strength of our VSH-Italian queen bees.

We thank all of you for a successful 2020 season!

Queen Honey Bees for Sale

Whether you are a seasoned commercial beekeeper, or just beginning and discovering the thrill of backyard or urban beekeeping, Wildflower Meadows’ queen bees are perfect for you! Wildflower Meadows’ mated queen bees will take you through the season with improved vitality, excellent honey production, and maximum disease resistance.

VSH-Italian queens are shipped weekly via UPS Next Day Air.  When you buy queen bees from Wildflower Meadows, you will receive UPS tracking information and updates on your order, from the time your queens are shipped until the moment they arrive.

Sold Out for the 2020 Season.  Thank You.

2020 Queen Honey Bee Pricing:

(All Prices Include Complimentary Queen Marking)
100+ Queens
54 – 99 Queens
27 – 53 Queens
11 – 26 Queens
1 – 10 Queens

Estimated Shipping Charges*

(Orders 1-6 Ship JZ-BZ Cages; Orders 7+ Ship CA-Mini Cages)
10 or More Queens Free Shipping
7 – 9 Queens $30
1 – 6 Queens

* Exact amounts are based on destination and are calculated at checkout.  We currently accept orders for delivery within the United States only.

VSH Queens


Wildflower Meadows’ VSH-Italian queen bees are bred exclusively from instrumentally inseminated VSH breeders, and are selected for mite resistance, gentleness and rapid spring buildup.  VSH stands for Varroa Sensitive Hygiene, and is one of the keys to keeping healthy, mite-resistant colonies.  The VSH trait was originated from USDA stock in Louisiana, and later developed commercially by a number of US commercial queen breeders.

Bees exhibiting the VSH trait interfere with the reproduction of varroa mites by detecting and removing bee pupae that are infested with varroa mites.  This VSH activity slows the spread of varroa, and keeps mite populations below damaging thresholds for long stretches of time, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for chemical treatments.  Bees that are bred to have high VSH traits are not only vigilant in their resistance to varroa mites, but they are also super-hygienic in general, which gives them excellent natural resistance against American Foulbrood and Chalkbrood.  By selecting for the VSH trait, most VSH breeders, including Wildflower Meadows, have developed mite resistance to such an extent that they do not need to treat their VSH breeding stock with any chemical treatments whatsoever.

Wildflower Meadows offers free UPS Next Day Air shipping