VSH Survivor Queens

VSH Italian Queens from Wildflower Meadows

VSH survivor queens are queens that are bred from colonies that have had no mite treatments of any kind.  Every queen that Wildflower Meadows sells has been bred directly from VSH survivor stock.  Not only is the breeder colony survivor stock, but both the queen mothers and drones that are part of the insemination process have also been derived from survivor stock.

Wildflower Meadows has raised survivor queens from treatment free survivor stock for over ten years, and is committed to treatment free beekeeping.  It has never made sense to us to breed queens from colonies that require any sort of mite treatments to survive.  It has also made equally little sense to give breeder colonies (or potential breeder colonies) any sort of “preventative” or even “soft” chemical mite treatment.  If a breeder colony or potential breeder colony has been treated for varroa or tracheal mites in any way, how would anyone know whether the strain of bees has any natural ability to control mites?  The only way to determine whether a colony is truly mite resistant, is to see how the bees handle mites on their own, over the course of time, and without assistance from the beekeeper.  This is true survivor stock – Mother Nature’s survival of the fittest.

As they say, only the strong survive: and it is only the strong from which we breed.