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Queen bees selected for mite resistance, gentleness, and rapid spring buildup.
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The Ideal Queen Bee For a Healthy Hive:

From the beginning, Wildflower Meadows started with the humble goal of producing strong, healthy queen bees able to withstand the many onslaughts that beekeepers face in the 21st Century.  We felt that many of the traditional queen bees didn’t seem to have the strength and stamina to survive mites and diseases.  And the queen bees that were sufficiently mite resistant often fell short in productivity, gentleness and honey production.

Partnering with the renowned VSH queen bee breeders, Tom and Suki Glenn of Glenn Apiaries, and the expert VSH queen breeders at VP Queen Bees, we set about testing different strains of honeybees to find those not only hardy and mite resistant, but also gentle, easy to work with, and eager to build up abundantly for pollination and honey production.

Wildflower Meadows’ genetics are anything but conventional.  We cross the best mite resistant VSH queens with the most productive hygienic Italian lines, then cross them again with extraordinarily gentle Italian bees, and then yet again with mite resistant USDA Pol-Line stock.  Working closely with our customers – including some of the leading commercial beekeepers – we solicit ongoing feedback, which enables us to continuously take a fresh look at what makes a healthy queen bee.

The results are our Wildflower Meadows’ VSH-Italian queen bees – the latest and best generation of genetics to help you experience renewed success in beekeeping.