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Gourmet, Raw Honey from Wildflower Meadows

Available Exclusively at World's Fare

Discover the Unique, Rich Flavor of Raw Gourmet Honey from San Diego, California

Wildflower Meadows honey is pure raw gourmet honey from the spring and early summer blossoms of North San Diego County.

The careful placement of the apiaries, the hard work of the bees, and the time-honored techniques of the beekeeper craft this unique raw gourmet honey.

When you are buying Wildflower Meadows honey you can be assured that you are getting pure, raw gourmet honey that is produced in small, hand-harvested batches, straight from the beekeeper to you.  Wildflower Meadows honey is always kept below 115 degrees, which preserves the naturally occurring enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants in the honey.

Enjoy this raw gourmet honey on warm freshly baked bread, with aromatic tea, or in your favorite recipe. 1lb. jar. $10.

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